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The Best in Brass Recycling

Brass is an alloy consisting of copper and zinc combinations. Like other metals, they can be effectively recycled for reuse. While not as common as other recyclable products like aluminum, brass can still be found in daily items we use, including doorknobs, piping, electrical appliances, and more. Here at North Star Metal Recycling, we’re leading brass recyclers and we accept all grades of metal in our large, cutting-edge facility.

Brass Recycling in Vancouver

What Is Brass Recycling?

Brass recycling strips down the metal to its raw materials to then be purified and ready for reuse as a new product. Since extracting zinc and recycling copper is costly and harmful, this easy alternative saves the environment while sparing expenses that would otherwise be needed for mining – all the while putting some extra cash into your own pocket.

The Process of Brass Recycling

Recycling scrap brass ammunition, piping, appliances, and the like involve a series of straightforward steps. After you bring your brass scraps to us, you can expect them to transform into a shiny new product through the following procedure:

  • Collecting: You don’t have to be responsible for collecting your bronze scraps on your own. We can assist you in sorting through your products to make this step faster and more effective.
  • Processing: After collecting, we’ll shred the metals down to bits so they’re ready for the next steps of melting.
  • Melting: Once broken down, we can then liquefy the material, which can take up to a few hours.
  • Decontaminating: A key step in recycling metals, decontamination allows for all waste to be filtered out so that the final product is completely pure.
  • Hardening: Next, we’ll cool and harden the newly decontaminated brass into easily transportable shapes, like bars.
  • Transporting: Fully ready to be repurposed, we’ll ship the metal to a manufacturing plant, where it will be created into a brand-new product.

Why Is Brass Recycling Important?

When recycling brass, you’ll be helping the environment twofold. First, the process avoids crowding already-overflowing landfills. Additionally, it decreases the need to mine more raw materials, diminishing carbon emissions. It’s also much more affordable to recycle than create, so when it comes to brass recycling, there are really no downsides

Brass Recycle Services in Vancouver

Types of Brass Recycling

Scrap brass recycling comes in different forms. We accept all of the following types of brass at our facility, in addition to other scrap metals like copper, aluminum recycling, steel recycling, and much more:

  • Industrial-grade brass
  • Yellow brass
  • Red brass
  • Radiators
  • Household items
  • Rods
  • Meters

How Brass Can Be Recycled Over and Over Again

The great thing about metals is that they can be recycled infinitely. Unlike paper or plastic, you can recycle brass without ever losing its value or wearing it out. With the potential to last forever, tossing brass in the trash would be a waste of precious materials.

Recycle Your Brass with North Star Metal Recycling

If you’re interested in recycling brass in Vancouver, we can help. We’re industry experts who have been recycling metals in the Lower Mainland since 1950. In addition to our unparalleled customer service, we feature convenient recycling options like a pull-through loading dock and a fleet of trucks that will come to you if your brass equipment is too big to transport.

Contact North Star Today to Get Started

Put your brass waste to good use with us at North Star Metal Recycling. If you’d like to know more, our friendly team is here to provide you with more information or a free quote. Contact us today for brass recycling in Vancouver.

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