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Recycle Your Car with Convenience & Competitive Pricing

The recycling of scrap metals is important, as it saves the environment in a number of ways while also offering attractive financial incentives. So, it goes without saying that car recycling is an absolute must. Here at North Star Metal Recycling, we’ve been recycling Vancouver’s metals since 1950 and are well-equipped and knowledgeable on the quickest and most effective ways to recycle auto parts.

Car Recycle Services in Vancouver

What Is Car Recycling?

Car recycling is a complex process that involves breaking down a car – including its toxic elements – to take apart each recyclable piece, from glass and tires to steel and catalytic converters. It’s best done by a professional who can properly handle hazardous materials.

Scrap Car Recycling Process

Recycling cars takes a few more steps than standard scrap metal recycling since it involves taking apart several different metals, sometimes hazardous to an untrained person who doesn’t know how to properly handle them. The whole process is composed of three parts:

  • Depollution: Depollution involves taking all the dangerous materials out of the scrap metal car before sending other parts for recycling. This should always be handled by a professional, like North Star Metal Recycling.
  • Dismantlement: The tires, windows, and catalytic converters of the car all get dismantled for their individual recycling processes.
  • Destruction: When all that’s left is the steel metal frame, the destruction process begins, which is just the process of recycling steel.

The Benefits of Car Recycling

The car recycling process offers tons of benefits with virtually zero downsides. If you choose to recycle your car, these are the benefits:

  • Payday: Throwing away your car costs you nothing. However, recycling it wins you money. We’ll pay you competitive prices for your scrap car parts, so recycling just makes sense.
  • Avoiding landfills: There’s no need to toss a car in a landfill, as all its parts can be recycled repeatedly.
  • Decreasing new metal production: Since steel can be recycled time and time again without losing its quality, recycling prevents the need for harmful mining for new materials.
Car Recycling Services in Vancouver

Why Should You Consider Recycling Your Car?

Recycling parts of your vehicle, like car battery recycling, helps keep harmful chemicals from seeping into the environment. Recycling electric cars are important, too, as the different metals can all be recycled and purified for new use. This also reduces the need for mining new raw materials to create cars, which creates dangerous carbon emissions. In addition to saving the environment, you can make a pretty penny off recycling scrap metals.

Scrap Car Recycling to the Highest Standard

North Star Metal Recycling recycles scrap cars with almost nothing going to waste. We’re proud members of the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) and the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI), meaning we hold ourselves to the highest standard in scrap car recycling, as well as all other scrap metals.

Recycle Your Scrap Car with North Star Metal Recycling

At North Star Metal Recycling, we make car recycling in Vancouver an all-around pleasant experience. From pick-up services to outstanding customer service, our experienced team is available to address all your questions and concerns. Plus, we offer competitive pricing on scrap metal cars, so you’ll be lining your pockets as you save the environment.

Contact North Star Today to Get Started

Ready for your vehicle recycle journey? Get started today with the Lower Mainland’s top recycling company, North Star Metal Recycling. Call us today or fill out our online form for a free quote.

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