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Steel Recycling in the Lower Mainland Made Easy

Steel is among the most recycled materials in the world. The generally simple process of steel recycling combined with its capability to be 100% fully repurposed means it makes much more sense than tossing it away forever. If you’re searching for a steel scrap yard in Vancouver, consider North Star Metal Recycling. Since 1950, we’ve been helping the Lower Mainland revitalize scrap metals, saving our economy and environment.

Steel Recycling Services in Vancouver

What Is Steel Recycling?

Steel can recycle involves preparing steel for reuse through a series of steps. The element is highly sustainable, providing an eco-friendly and affordable solution for the creation of steel products, including cars, skyscrapers, bridges, silverware, and much more.

Process of Steel Recycling

At North Star Metal Recycling, we recycle steel through a streamlined process, first inspecting it before following through with the other steps to ultimately provide a clean, moldable version that’s ready for reuse. By breaking down steel into scraps, melting it, refining it, and reforming it into new products, we bring the useful substance back to a lifetime and time again.

Benefits of Recycling Steel

When you recycle steel, you’ll enjoy many benefits both for yourself and the greater good. The completely recyclable product reduces the need to mine raw materials, minimizing carbon dioxide emissions and other mining-related damages to the environment. It also requires less energy to recycle than create, making it as cost-effective as it is eco-friendly for an all-around sustainable process.

High-Value Steel Recycling

Whether you need to recycle galvanized steel, stainless steel, or standard steel, you’ll enjoy cost-effective benefits. Since it can be easily melted, the straightforward process allows for quicker turnaround times and greater profits. However, compared to other steel materials, stainless steel offers more worth since it contains complex and high-value alloys that are all individually profitable when stripped down.

Steel Recycling Service Provider in Vancouver

Types of Steel Recycling

Steel recycling, along with the repurposing of all other scrap metals, is divided into various classifications. If you’re interested in collaborating with us to toss your used steel scraps, we’ll help you sort them out. But to get an idea, these are the groups into which the metal is divided:

  • Home scrap: This type of steel waste comes from excess trimmings that result during the creation of steel.
  • Industrial/prompt scrap: When steel products are created – think of an automobile factory – the scraps that are left over fall into this category.
  • Obsolete scrap: This covers all other steel waste, most commonly found in old home appliances and junkyards.

Another important thing to note is that standard steel recycling is different from stainless steel recycling, as the former is highly magnetized while the latter is not.

Why Choose North Star Metal Recycling

At North Star Metal Recycling, our mission is to make steel recycling in Vancouver as comfortable as possible. We’ve been in the business for more than 70 years and boast high-quality customer service and a state-of-the-art center that accepts used and unwanted scrap metals. Together, we can keep our community environment clean and our local economy running.

Contact North Star Today to Get Started

Recycle steel in Vancouver with North Star Metal Recycling. Our large facility accepts steel and other scrap metals of all sizes. If you can’t make it to us, we’ll come to you with our fleet of trucks to easily take the used materials off your hands. For more information or to get a free quote, contact us today.

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